How to Return Ann Taylor Online

To return Ann Taylor online, visit the Ann Taylor website or call their customer service. Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase.

Ann Taylor is a popular women’s clothing brand known for its timeless styles and sophisticated clothing options. While the brand has plenty of loyal customers, sometimes the items you purchase simply don’t work out. Thankfully, Ann Taylor has a simple and straightforward return process that makes it easy to send back your unwanted items.

Whether you purchased items online or in-store, you can easily return them within 30 days of purchase. We’ll cover everything you need to know about the Ann Taylor return process, including how to return items and important policies to keep in mind. So if you’re looking to return an Ann Taylor item, read on for all the details.

Step 2: Prepare Your Return Items

To return Ann Taylor online, the second step is to prepare your return items. This involves packing the items securely and including the original invoice and return label. Make sure to follow the specific return instructions provided by Ann Taylor for a smooth and easy return process.

After initiating the return process on the Ann Taylor website, the next step is to prepare the items for return. Follow these easy steps to ensure that your return is processed smoothly and without delay.

Check The Condition Of The Items

Before sending back the items, inspect them to ensure they are in their original condition. Check for any signs of wear and tear, damage or stains. Returned items must be in new condition so that they can be resold to another customer. If you find any faults, contact Ann Taylor’s customer service team for further assistance.

Include All Original Tags And Packaging

Make sure to include all original tags, labels, and packaging materials that the items arrived in. This includes plastic bags, shoeboxes, and tissue paper. This will help Ann Taylor to identify the item and process the return quickly. If you have thrown away the original packaging, don’t worry. Just use a similar package to prevent any damage during shipping.

Print The Return Label

Ann Taylor provides a prepaid return label, which should be printed and attached to the package. Make sure the label is securely attached and that there are no other shipping labels or markings on the package. It is important to use the provided label to ensure that your return is properly processed.

In conclusion, preparing your Ann Taylor return items for shipping is a quick and easy process. By carefully inspecting the items, using the original tags, packaging materials, and attaching the provided return label, you can ensure that your return is processed quickly and smoothly.

Step 3: Ship Your Return Package

To return Ann Taylor Online, make sure to ship your return package using the provided UPS label. The package should be securely packed with all the return items inside. Don’t forget to keep the tracking number for future reference.

Once you have packed your items securely and printed the return label, it’s time to ship your package. Here’s what you need to do:

Pack The Items Securely

When it comes to packing your items, it’s important to ensure that they are properly secured in your return package. If the items are fragile or delicate, consider using cushioning material or wrapping them individually to prevent damage during transport. Additionally, make sure that you have included all the necessary components, such as tags, stickers, and accessories.

Attach The Return Label

Before you can ship your package, you must attach the return label to the outside. Ensure that the label is easy to read and is stuck securely to the package. Additionally, make sure that the barcode is clear and not wrinkled to avoid any issues during the return process.

Choose A Reliable Shipping Carrier

Choosing a reliable shipping carrier is crucial to ensure that your package is delivered safely and on time. Some popular options include UPS, FedEx, and USPS. However, do your research and choose a carrier that best suits your needs. Additionally, make sure to track your package and keep the receipt as proof of postage.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your Ann Taylor online return is processed quickly and hassle-free. Remember to double-check your package before shipping and to keep all necessary documents and receipts handy.

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Step 4: Track Your Return Package

After returning an item to Ann Taylor online, it’s important to track the package to ensure a successful return. You can track your return package easily using the tracking number provided by the shipping carrier.

Now that you’ve initiated your return, it’s time to track your return package. Tracking your package will give you a better idea of when your return will be processed and credited back to your account. Here’s how to obtain a tracking number and monitor shipment progress easily.

Obtain A Tracking Number

When you initiate a return, Ann Taylor will provide you with a prepaid shipping label. Once you’ve affixed the prepaid shipping label to the original package, make sure to ask the shipping carrier for a tracking number. The tracking number is a unique identifier for your package that allows you to monitor its progress.

Monitor The Shipment Progress

You can monitor your package’s progress by visiting the shipping carrier’s website and entering the tracking number. The tracking information will show the date and time the package was received, processed, and shipped. It will also give you an estimated delivery date and time. Try to monitor your package regularly to ensure that it’s moving in the right direction and expected to be delivered on time.

If you encounter any issues with the shipping carrier or if the tracking information seems inaccurate, you can call their customer service team for help. The shipping carrier’s customer service team will help you resolve issues related to package delivery and shipment.

Tracking your package is an important step in ensuring that you’re refunded the correct amount in a timely manner. The tracking process helps Ann Taylor process your return faster and more accurately. If you haven’t already initiated a return, follow the steps outlined in the previous sections to ensure a smooth transaction.

Step 5: Receive Your Refund

Once Ann Taylor confirms the receipt of your return, your refund will be automatically processed. Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used and can take up to 10 business days to be reflected on your account.

After you’ve completed the previous steps, you’ll finally receive your refund from Ann Taylor for the returned item(s). Remember, the refund process may take some time, so it’s important to be patient and wait for the necessary steps to be taken.

Wait For Ann Taylor To Receive And Process The Return Items

Once Ann Taylor receives your return, they’ll process it and begin the refund process. This may take up to 10 business days to complete, so please keep this in mind when waiting for your refund.

It’s important to note that Ann Taylor will only refund the cost of the returned item. Any taxes, shipping fees, or other costs associated with the purchase will not be refunded.

Expect To Receive An Email Confirmation Of The Refund

After Ann Taylor processes your refund, they’ll send you an email confirmation that contains all the details of your return and refund. Make sure to check your email and confirm that the details are correct.

Check Your Bank Account For The Refunded Amount

Once Ann Taylor processes your refund, you should receive the refunded amount within 3-5 business days. The refunded amount will be credited back to the original form of payment. Please make sure to check your bank or credit card account to confirm that the refunded amount has been credited back.

Summary of Refund Process Timeline
Ann Taylor receives and processes the return Up to 10 business days
Email confirmation of the refund Sent after refund has been processed
Refunded amount credited back to original form of payment 3-5 business days after refund has been processed

It’s important to follow these steps carefully to ensure that your return is processed promptly and your refund is correctly credited back to your account. By being patient and following these processes, you can be confident that your online purchase from Ann Taylor has a hassle-free return process.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Return Ann Taylor Online

Can You Return Ann Taylor Online Orders In Store?

Yes, you can return Ann Taylor online orders in-store. Simply bring the item along with the original packaging slip and credit card used for purchase to any Ann Taylor or Ann Taylor Factory store.

Can Ann Taylor Items Be Returned At Loft?

No, Ann Taylor items cannot be returned to LOFT. The two stores are separate entities, and each has its own return policy. To return an item purchased from Ann Taylor, you must return it to an Ann Taylor store or through their online store.

Is Ann Taylor And Loft The Same Company?

Yes, Ann Taylor and LOFT are owned by the same company – Ascena Retail Group. While Ann Taylor is known for its professional clothing, LOFT offers more casual options. Both brands primarily target women.

What Happened To Ann Taylor Stores?

Ann Taylor stores closed down several locations due to declining sales and increased competition from e-commerce retailers. In May of 2020, the company filed for bankruptcy and permanently closed all of its Catherines stores as well as a select number of Ann Taylor, LOFT, and Lane Bryant locations.


Returning Ann Taylor items online can be a hassle-free experience if you follow the simple steps we have outlined above. Be sure to read through the store’s return policy carefully before making your purchase, keep all receipts and tags intact, and don’t hesitate to contact customer service if you have any questions or concerns.

By taking these steps, you can rest assured that your online shopping experience with Ann Taylor will be stress-free and enjoyable.

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